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The New York magician, John Carlson of Johns Magic was given the grateful thanks of the United States’ President, George W. Bush, for participating in the Annual Easter Egg Roll event where the magician’s skill and entertainment helped create memories for thousands of fans. The New York magician has made nineteen appearances on the Conan O’Brien Show, has appeared as an international performer in Budapest, Hungary and the United Arab Emirates as well as having made thousands of appearances at school functions, daycare facilities, libraries and birthday parties. John Carlson of Johns Magic has been entertaining for over twenty years and his performances have been described as mystical, enchanting and hilarious.

The laughter created by the New York magician is infectious and contagious and, apparently, also a little hazardous. It is reported that one lady laughed so heartily that she fell off her chair, narrowly missing crushing a small child. One school of thought deems the fitting of safety belts to chairs should be considered when Johns Magic’s John Carlson is performing. The New York magician disclaims all responsibility for popped and lost buttons. Doctors should also beware. Laughter as well as the proverbial apple a day keeps the doctor away. The master magician and ventriloquist of Johns Magic is able to perform at special events at truly affordable prices and additionally, he is the only magician who guarantees that if the audience is not happy with the entertainment then they don’t have to pay. Clients wishing to engage the entertaining services of the most sought after New York magician are warned to book early in order to avoid disappointment.


Many high profile celebrities have had the privilege of having the New York magician appear at their children’s birthday parties. Jimmy Smits, of NYPD Blues and Cane fame, was happy that his son Kino and friends were thrilled with the magician and ventriloquist. Super model, Helena Christiansen’s youngster, Mingas, thoroughly appreciated the hilarity and mystery of a show. Boondock Saints’ actor, Norman Reedus was impressed with the Johns Magic entertainer and confided that his son felt like a million dollars. The New York magician receives nothing but the most positive comments about his magic and ventriloquist shows and his ability to relate to his young audience is evident.